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Job Description

The Department of Antibody Discovery and Protein Engineering in Gaithersburg, MD is seeking a talented and highly motivated Associate Scientist II to enhance our antibody-based platform technology efforts.

The successful candidate will help build the next-generation discovery engine to rapidly isolate therapeutic antibodies.

We are seeking a candidate with expertise in yeast genetics and yeast high throughput screens that is excited by research at the interface between technology and biology and will operate independently and in collaboration with a diverse group of scientists to actively drive technological innovations.

The selected individual will be a well-organized and a highly productive bench scientist that can design and execute experiments efficiently, as well as analyze, interpret and present data to multidisciplinary project teams. 

Qualifications / Experience - essential/desirable 

The successful candidate should be an expert in yeast genetics and molecular biology, particularly in developing and establishing yeast based library screens.

The ideal candidate would also have experience in yeast genetics, display-based technologies, such as phage or yeast display, with using automation for high-throughput screening.

The individual should have demonstrated experience in optimizing/troubleshooting new protocols with a problem-solving mindset.

Familiarity with expression systems in different yeast strains would also be highly advantageous.