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Job Description

Plan for and manage the widespread communication and change that is expected to impact system users. The Communications Partner will develop the communications strategy plan, communication schedule, and then deliver the tactical activities from the communication schedule.

Major Role Responsibilities:

  • Support the initiative’s branding and internal marketing to their stakeholders and customers
  • Build the project’s foundation using standardized templates, plans and schedules
  • Create Stakeholder mapping and analysis
  • Develop Communication and Change Management Strategic Plans
  • Build and implement Communication and Change Management Schedules
  • Develop and deliver materials and supporting communications to Sponsors, Project Teams, and business customers in multiple formats (e.g. written, podcasts, video, etc.)
  • Change impact analysis, Change readiness assessments (e.g. “pulse surveys”) etc.
  • Plan and deliver project-level stakeholder assessments, communication strategic plans, communication schedule, and execute activities within the communication schedule
  • Plan and deliver change management strategic plans, schedule, and execution of the Change Management schedule
  • Provide a communication channel between and across project teams and the business stakeholders
  • Leverage standardized processes and templates for consistent internal communications, based on standard ways of working and established brand standards
  • Develop written communications to ensure that relevant parties are kept current with key happenings
  • Support the branding and internal marketing of each project
  • Implement Communication strategic plans, develop various materials and communications to Sponsors, Project Teams, and business customers
  • Write and edit copy for a variety of communication materials including emails, newsletters, FAQ’s, presentations, videos, and podcasts to senior leaders and the user community
  • Build and maintain internal SharePoint content for project-facing and customer-facing sites
  • Ability to work remotely