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Must have 8+ years previous market research experience. Has managed custom or primary marketing research. Evidences strong understanding of custom research methods, both quantitative and qualitative.Market research experience in Consumer Packaged Goods preferred, Pharmaceutical or other Healthcare ...

Job Description

Must have 8+ years previous market research experience. Has managed custom or primary marketing research. Evidences strong understanding of custom research methods, both quantitative and qualitative.
Market research experience in Consumer Packaged Goods preferred, Pharmaceutical or other Healthcare related experience a plus.

25% international travel would be involved

This position interacts primarily with Business Unit Brand Directors and Marketing Managers, CBLs, Innovation Directors, Finance, R&D as it relates to discussions concerning the brand(s) supported.

Primary Function / Primary Goals / Objectives

  • The Manager, Market Insights designs, implements and analyzes primary marketing research for the development of brand and marketing strategy, to address long-term and short-term business issues.
  • The Manager is an expert on primary research methodologies, both quantitative and qualitative, and acts to guide the development and implementation of market research through the use of external vendors.
  • The Manager also assures the quality and actionability of research by becoming knowledgeable of brand(s) and geographies supported, to the extent that he/she can judge the value and impact of research programs, and offer strategic business insights.


 Manage Market

  • Research From Inception Through Results Presentation
  • Independently designs, manages, analyzes, and communicates the findings of original research studies in response to complex, undefined, and critical business issues.
  • Identifies research methodologies that are appropriate to address a business issue, and proactively challenges the design of research with internal clients and vendors to enhance strategic value.
  • Develops and ‘sells’ internal proposals for market research, and defends research proposals against challenges from internal stakeholders.Presents supports and defends research conclusions and implications for strategy development from challenges from all stakeholders throughout the organization.
  • Utilize secondary data, competitive intelligence and other forms of external data to supplement and amplify the results of primary market research.
  • Establishes timely and realistic deadlines with clients and works to meet those deadlines.
  • Meets internal compliance standards for Market Research Requests, Contracts and Confidentiality Agreements.

Strategic Insight

  • Provides impactful insights that shape brand and business strategy
  • Develops intimate understanding of the business and relevant brands, including financials, positioning, marketing programs, distribution, and customers
  • Consistently represents the voice of the customer/consumer among internal partners to ensure the customer/consumer is always top-of-mind.
  • Demonstrate strong analytical, oral and written communication skills
  • Provide constant feedback on strategies and tactics through primary research
  • Recommends market research to assess the effectiveness of marketing and sales strategies and tactics.
  • Provide challenge to Marketing decisions, by utilizing existing fact base or developing new data to specifically address significant business issues.

 Research Planning

  • Demonstrates good, complete research planning for Brands/Businesses
  • Makes accurate recommendations for research initiatives based on brand/ business needs and strategies.
  • Plans annual brand-specific research program to provide strategic input, address planned strategies and tactics, develop brand positioning and communication, and address ongoing measurement of the effectiveness of Marketing and Sales programs.
  • Identifies knowledge gaps and proposes research to address significant strategic issues.
  • Ensures that research projects are both efficient and non-redundant, maximizing the reach of the market research budget.

 Engagement with Internal Partners

  • Maintain high level of engagement with internal partners
  • Engages good research ‘process’ that improves the relationship between researcher and client, bring the client into the research process, and helping the client to
  • understand the decisions of the researcher.
  • Engages cross-functional partners during the design, implementation and analysis of market research.
  • Develops strong team-based relationships with internal partners
  • Provides superior client service to internal partners, while ensuring complete objectivity and superior standards of reporting to executive management
  • Engages other Insights functions and relevant cross-functional teams across the organization with business and brand insights.

Research Process

  • Utilizes a standardized process for conducting and disseminating market research that includes all key stakeholders
  • Employs a consistent process for disseminating market research information to internal partners that ensures cross-pollination between brands, and eliminates project redundancy across segments
  • Demonstrates continuous improvement by soliciting feedback, developing a sense of urgency, challenging vendors and evolving the overall research program.
  • Identify opportunities to improve the impact of market research.
  • Displays good management of internal and external resources
  • Displays fiscal responsibility by spending within the scope of the budget, while showing full utilization of requested monies.
  • Employs a vendor selection and purchasing negotiation process that maximizes the value of research and allows the organization to fulfill the maximum number of
  • research requests on or under budget.
  • Continuously identify and evaluate new vendors for best-in-class services.


  • Demonstrated general business acumen from prior work environments
  • Demonstrated problem-solving ability from prior work environments
  • Evidence of participation in research planning
  • Senior Level Management of Market Research
  • Demonstrated ability to move from research to business implications and make strong presentations of research data.
  • Demonstrated ability to solve complex problems by organizing project activity around business problems, forming high-performance teams, and completing on-target work.
  • Demonstrated ability to think strategically from prior work environments
  • Prior budget management experience


  • A minimum of Bachelor’s Degree in Business or other degrees acceptable with previous market research experience; an MBA is preferred